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Emails on Nertz Rules

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Emails on Nertz Rules Empty Emails on Nertz Rules

Post  NertzTech Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:16 pm

The following are some questions that have been asked by players via the "Contact Us" page at I have provided the answers that were emailed back to them as well:

QUESTION 1: When you play the last card in your Nertz pile, do you have to call Nertz immediately, or can you keep playing to try to build up more points?

ANSWER: NNA rules state that a player/team does not have to call Nertz after you have played all of your Nertz cards. "Strategically Pointing" can be the difference in a game victory and is allowed to let players exercise their rights for strategic play.

Now with the players I am used to playing, it is very unwise not call Nertz right away because hands end quickly. Though teams do it every once in a while. We have heard of others playing to where calling "Nertz" is mandatory in that situation, but we feel by allowing "Strategic Pointing", the only person that it can hurt is the player that decides to do it.

Oh, by the way, a team has to call it if they have played all of their Nertz cards and there is an "Idled Game"- all teams are stuck and can not play. Therefor, "burning piles" can not commence if Nertz can be called.

QUESTION 2: We always play to 100 points - If two teams score reaches over 100+ on the same hand does the team with the highest score (121) win or the team (101) that called nertz? Is it the "highest score" or the calling of "Nertz" that wins the game?

ANSWER: Generally, the team or player that finishes with the highest score wins the game even though two or more teams have 100+ points. Unless you are playing a game in which only the "hands won count"(Hands Nerted Count) is tallied, then the "final score" always determines the winner. The "hands won count" only matters if their is a acts as the tie-breaker.

That is what is great about Nertz; a team may go without calling "nertz" the entire game but can maintain striking distance and possibly still win (if they do well the majority of the game). By the way, the "highest score" rule is also used by the NNA, however they play to 150.

QUESTION 3: Are you allowed to split a column and move it to another column? Or are you only allowed to move whole columns? What I mean is can you split a river column in half and move it to another column? Or can you only move entire columns on to another card or column in the river?

ANSWER: I personally have always played to where you are allowed to move columns (whole columns) as well as sections of columns (split columns) back and forth in the river. The rulebook on our site also allows it. However, some of our members and others have told us that they don't allow column moving much less split column moving. The NNA has seen that the majority of Nertz players allow it though. It puts more strategy in the game, but it is usually up to who ever is hosting the game or tournament to allow it (house rules). Note that NNA sanctioned events allow it as well.


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