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Evil Jacks (Bastard Jacks)

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Evil Jacks (Bastard Jacks) Empty Evil Jacks (Bastard Jacks)

Post  joeness Sat Apr 11, 2009 2:23 pm

Same as Starter 9 Nertz. However, if three is reached on the pile and the sequence has gone up from 9, whoever played the jack is penalized 15 points per player. All other players get an additional 15 points. The person who played the three still gets 40 points on top of the 15. If the person who played the jack also played the 3, then that person gets 100 points, and 5 points are taken away from all other players. There is an additional Evil Jack variation concerning one-eyed Jacks. If the Jack in question is a one-eyed Jack, and the person who played it did not play the three, then 15 points is taken away from all other players, and the sum of the points taken is awarded to the person who played the one eyed Jack. If the person plays both the one-eyed Jack and the three, he is given 150 points, and all other players are penalized 25 points. The variation on the variation is where instead of being awarded 15 points for playing the one-eyed Jack and not the three the player is penalized 15 points per player, and each player gets that 15 points.


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