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Double Swinging Door Nertz

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Double Swinging Door Nertz Empty Double Swinging Door Nertz

Post  nerter Sat Apr 11, 2009 2:19 pm

This variation is where the card sequence in the center playing area can go either upward or downward. If there is a 3 in play, a person may either lay a 2 or a 4 on top. If a 4 is on top, then a 3 or a 5 is a valid play. The only exception to this is Ace. Aces can only be played as a Starter Card. Some play where if a 2 is in play, the two valid plays existing is King and 3, as Aces only be Starter Cards. Aces are given that status to always ensure the game will not get in limbo for lack of starter cards.


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