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Racing Demon Empty Racing Demon

Post  demonbab Sat Apr 11, 2009 2:17 pm

Racing Demon rules are similar to those of Nertz, explained above; however, there are a number of differences. In Racing Demon, players generally start on 12 'Bone Pile' cards, and a pile of four (rather than five) starter cards. Players are able to turn over 3 cards at a time from their turncard pack, playing the top-most card if desired. In the playing area, any player who finishes off a pile with a King shouts "king!", placing the card face down to differentiate the completed pile (at the end of the game they also receive 10 bonus points for each King placed). At the end of each round, the winner shouts "Stop!", receiving 20 points for the win.

In parts of the United Kingdom, variations on these rules and terminology are used. The "Bone Pile" is called the "Toad" and starts with 13 cards. Three bonus points are awarded for a King, if the completed stack is turned over and removed from the playing area. A round is ended by a player calling "Out!", but no points are received. Other players count the remaining cards in their Toad, and deduct twice this number from the count of cards played out to reach their score.

A round win results in the winning player now having to play an additional card onto their Bone pile (this is retained for subsequent games even if the player does not win again). However, players with an overall negative score (or three negative scores in a row) are able to reduce their pile by one at the start of each subsequent round. (For example, the initial winner would go from having 12 to 13 cards in their bone pile, while a person scoring say -5 would go down to 11).

At the end of each round, the cards are shuffled and then transferred clockwise to the adjacent player. This enables any differences in the quality of packs to be evened out, and also allows play with packs that do not quite have the full 52 cards without disadvantaging a particular player.


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