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nertz network?

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nertz network? Empty nertz network?

Post  samantha Sun Oct 26, 2008 1:08 pm

Ok, I think it would be cool if we could get some sort of a nertz network organized. I bet there are scattered groups of nertz players that would love to play with or against other players. My question is... can we post links to other nertz groups here so that others can find them to play locally? just a thought.


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nertz network? Empty Nertz High Speed Online Software

Post  keithge Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:49 am

Nertz Players,

The best way to start expanding a NERTS NETWORK is through the purchase of the Nerts High Speed Online software located at the following site:

I learned Nerts in 1973 (before the internet), and you can't imagine how thrill I was to learn that someone had taken the time to develop an online version. Now my entire family can join in the fun and play the game no matter where they are located. We have spent countless hours playing NERTS whenever the family got together during the holidays, but that only occurred few times throughout the year. Now it can be anytime we want to play. Distance and travel are no longer the issues. My family are all computer savy, and use the internet a lot!

The huge surprise is that it is only $9.95 to purchase. You can play the game SOLO against the computer at various difficulty levels, or you can MULTIPLAYER against fellow NERTS enthusiasts on the NERTS server in the ONLINE mode. If you prefer to play just against anyone directly and no use the server, then try the NETWORK mode. You can buy the program, and then invite someone to play against you by having them download the program and use the TRIAL version (I believe you can use the trial version for about 3-5 days).

Anyway, the NERTZ NETWORK can grow as long as people spread the word about the game. The majority of the public population have never heard of nor experienced their first game of NERTS. Once they do, they are usually hooked. We always play as two member teams to around 200 points. The online game allows you to set the point level with a maximum of 500 points.

Hope this info has helped raised the interest and excitement about trying the online version. I am in no way linked to the author of this software program, but yes, I am definitely interested in spreading the word about NERTZ so everyone can share in the fun.

Hope to see you online sometime so we can NERTS together!



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